It Improves Partnered Sex Like None Other…and Nobody Would Ever Guess What It’s For!

Top doctors recommend having more sex for its overall health benefits, but what if it’s uncomfortable? I may have just discovered the solution… It improves partnered sex like none other…

By Kelly C. Mar 11, 2023

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I’ve been writing about sexual wellness for a while now, so honestly, not much surprises me.

But recently I came across something that, let’s say, really got my attention. Here’s why…

It promotes a healthy sex life for people of all ages who have partnered sex. And a healthy sex life is super important for all sorts of reasons, like:

  • Reducing stress

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Improving sleep

  • Improving vaginal lubrication and atrophy

  • Lowering risk of heart disease

  • Strengthening vaginal muscles (which improves incontinence)

  • Increased libido, and more

Like this Tabu brand ambassador says… let’s get rid of the “taboo” of talking about sexual health! It only harms us…

And in case you haven’t noticed, there’s basically rampant stress, sleeplessness, and health problems all around you. You might even have all those problems!

So think about it…what if you could improve your health by having more sex?

And what if you could have more sex because you were reminded to do it…

And what if you were reminded to do it because the cutest, most inconspicuous sex pillow was sitting on your bed every night, inviting you?

Because this throw pillow is absolutely gorgeous. It’s discreet. And it’s a reminder to have sex regularly TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH!

“Regular sexual activity is a natural way to promote your own sexual wellness and pelvic health.” - Dr. Heidi Gastler


What Is The Prim?

The Prim is a pillow that’s perfect for partnered sex. It helps alleviate lower back and hip pain as well as increase satisfaction by raising the pelvis.

You might already know that pelvic floor therapists, sex educators, and GYNs recommend wedge pillows for sex. But if you’ve ever shopped for one, they’re pretty ugly! They can also be overly firm and uncomfortable, like you’re lying on a stack of books. (Haha - maybe I stumbled upon a good idea for a librarian?)

Anyhow - those “prescription” pillows look like a prescription. And the Prim looks like a modern, minimal designer pillow.

It has a dual-density memory foam core and of course the linen cover is removable and washable. It’s 100% linen for that high-end aesthetic.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. It goes beneath your lower back and bottom to give you lift when you’re having partnered sex.

It’s firm enough to keep your bottom raised up, yet soft enough to feel like an actual cushion. The angle relieves the pain that sometimes occurs in the lower back and hips. A bonus is that it helps you stay in a raised position for longer periods of time!

I won’t give explicit directions on the rest of it. (See what I did there?) You get the idea.

But like I said before, the linen cover is removable and washable. And since this pillow is cute, it can stay out on your bed…reminding you to have sex for your health!

The Prim Pillow Elevates Pleasure!

“My Prim Pillow arrived just as I was packing an overnight bag to go see my new man. It was super comfortable and elevated (pun intended) our pleasure to an entirely different level. The Prim made a big difference. He said, ‘we better get another one, so we have one at each place.’ From both of us, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! ”

Is The Prim Worth It?

If you can get your hands on The Prim, I fully recommend it. It sold out in just 10 days the first time around. And if you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of it!

“I’ve had a total hysterectomy, and I’m a breast cancer survivor, and that’s caused a tremendous amount of pelvic floor dryness and vaginal atrophy...” - Cheryl, 70

“You’ve given me confidence and an enormous gift. Of knowing that I have a lifetime of vibrant intimacy to look forward to.” - Mary, 59

This woman, Marianne, is 83 years old - and she didn’t want to give up on having orgasms! She sent in this unboxing video.

I assume her daughter is standing there with her as she shares a message from her Tabu guide. And it looks like someone else is there filming a video. This family is openly talking about sex! And it’s all because of Tabu.

I think that’s a beautiful, healthy thing. And this is a brand I want to support. Not only because they sell beautiful products that I believe in, but because I love their message of openness about having a healthy sex life.


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