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1.“It’s a life-changer.”

I had so much trouble climaxing that I didn’t even bother to try. My gynecologist said to me, “Use it or lose it,” so I decided to be proactive. I stumbled across the Tabu website – purely by accident – and started reading how important orgasms are to your health.

So I ordered The Golden Hour Kit. And yeah – it’s a life-changer.

-Susan, 62 

2.“I feel like my body is becoming healthier.”

I went from having an active, enjoyable sex life to starting to experience dryness and pain and frankly wondering if my days of sexual activity were numbered. I was really not ready to give up on myself or on that part of my life, so I did some research and that’s when I came across the Tabu product line. Every time I use my lubricant and massager I feel like my body is becoming healthier. My vaginal muscles feel like they’re getting stronger again and my body just feels really responsive. I know I can experience the power of sensuality, enjoy intimacy, and that despite the myths about aging, my body feels more alive than ever.


Tabu has given me confidence and an enormous gift of knowing that I have a lifetime of vibrant intimacy to look forward to

-Mary, 59 

3.“Part of self-care that I thought I would have to do without for the rest of my life.”

I debated for quite a while before I purchased the Tabu Kit. I read articles, reviewed the products, and thought, you know maybe this is for younger women, not for me. But I was very impressed by their professionalism and the emphasis on the importance of pelvic floor health. I’ve had a total hysterectomy and I’m a breast cancer survivor, so I’ve had oral chemotherapy for a number of years, and that’s caused a tremendous amount of pelvic floor dryness and vaginal atrophy. 


The Kit has made a big difference for me, as well as being a part of self-care that I thought I would have to do without for the rest of my life. Having the ability to feel pleasure, connect to myself and my body, and to alleviate discomfort has been amazing. I highly recommend this for older women, women who have had gynecological issues and perhaps surgeries or procedures that have caused discomfort. 

-Cheryl, 69 

4.“Helped me build back my confidence after my hysterectomy – I feel like a new woman.”

I feel normal again. I have been struggling with self-confidence in dating and sex ever since I had a hysterectomy in 2017. Sex was fun and adventurous prior to it, but after, it seemed to be more of a chore. I always felt like I had to let men know what they’re about to get into before we had sex i.e., consistent lubrication, painful positions, etc. etc. It wasn’t fun and spontaneous anymore and I felt like I wasn’t getting too much out of it either. When my Tabu arrived, I still had some apprehension towards using it. I thought to myself that maybe this won’t work, maybe it’ll still hurt, or what if the lubricant irritates me? First off, the packaging and pamphlet took me by surprise; I was very intrigued and amazed by the detail of the product. The lubrication itself doesn’t have a fragrance (first green flag), it’s thin and very lightweight. I used a couple drops on myself and the massager and away I went. Shockingly enough, the size of the massager and different speed settings were the perfect combination. I didn’t feel pressure, irritation, or any pain from the massager or the lubrication. I’m sure this part is TMI, but for those women who are struggling with similar issues, let me tell you…I orgasmed TWICE. That has never happened in my life! I instantly cried tears of joy. I feel like a new woman and I also feel much more confident, excited about sex, and ready to use this multiple times a week. I know it will help build back the confidence I had prior to my surgery. If I could rate this vibrator, I’d give it a 1,000/10. I’m over the moon. I can’t thank the creators enough; you hit this one out of the park! 

-Lindsay, 33 

Proven to support your sexual health *based on a consumer study of 330 women.


reported decreased pain with sex


reported an improvement in vaginal dryness


reported an improvement in vaginal atrophy


reported an increase in their libido

★★★★★ 400+ Verified Reviews

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Age 64

Better than I could have imagined

"Oh my!!!! I cannot say enough about how much this massage tool has brought life back to my lady parts and has brought me never before known sexual joy. After just a couple of weeks my pelvic floor is absolutely tangibly stronger and all of me is very very much happier. I did not have a "problem" with sexual satisfaction before and it's now clear that I also had no idea of how great things could be!"


Age 62

It made it easier for me to be the authority on my own sexual wellness

My sexual wellness has definitely changed, it's been a challenge. I like that the Golden Hour Kit contains educational material that helps me feel more informed and makes it easier for me to be the authority on my own sexual wellness.


Age 54

Golden Hour

"This product is nothing short of amazing. As a 54-year-old woman in perimenopause, I was starting to see changes in my body that were weighing so heavily on me, emotionally. My husband and I have always enjoyed a tremendous sex life, and I was so concerned with dryness issues I began experiencing. I started using the wand and the lubrication, three times a week, and the difference has been amazing. I feel myself coming back to me!!

Do yourself the ultimate favor, and purchase it."


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