5 Reasons Why Women Say They Can't Live Without Golden Hour

We asked 330 Tabu customers how Tabu's best-selling product has impacted their lives. 

The results are in.

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1. Alleviates Vaginal Dryness

As our hormone levels change, vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms women experience.

The good news? According to Tabu's survey, 73% of women noticed an improvement in their vaginal dryness when they used the Golden Hour Kit weekly.

Recommended by clinicians and therapists, Golden Hour includes our best-selling Aureum personal lubricant.

It's pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and rich in omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants to not only keep you comfortable during intimacy but also to nourish your vaginal tissues with every application.

2. Promotes Greater Self Confidence

Did you know only 12% of women over 50 are satisfied with their bodies yet studies show a distinct correlation between regular sexual activity and self esteem?

Our intimate health is all about mind/body connection which is why we're incredibly proud to see that 76% of women noticed an improvement in their self confidence when they made Golden Hour part of their routine.

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3. Increases Libido

Studies show that women who take the time to touch themselves can develop a higher libido - and that’s not just good news because it feels good.

Regular sexual activity has incredible benefits that span your physical health, your brain health, and your relationship.

According to Tabu's survey, 80% of women noticed an increase in their libido after just a couple months.

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4. Improves Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy not only makes intimacy painful, but it can lead to uncomfortable urinary symptoms.

According to The Mayo Clinic, a lack of sexual activity (again, with or without a partner) can be a contributing risk factor to vaginal atrophy.

This is why The Golden Hour Kit features Nuri – a warming massager. Modeled after a dilator, the Nuri was designed with menopause and postpartum in mind to encourage blood flow, and help maintain vaginal length, width, and tone.

According to Tabu's survey, 68% of women noticed an improvement in their vaginal atrophy with regular use. 

5. Strengthens Relationship

Did you know at least 50% and up to 75% of couples in unhappy relationships ascribe their distress to sexual problems?

We're committed to changing that.

According to Tabu's survey, women who used Golden Hour at least once per week were 12x more likely to report an improvement in their relationship health.  

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Our Golden Hour Kit includes everything you need to confidently kick off and maintain your sexual wellness routine.

Developed in partnership with clinicians, therapists, and women like you, the Golden Hour Kit features our Nuri, a lightweight, heating massager that simulates the function of a dilator, and our Aureum personal lubricant, a moisturizing, water-based formula to soothe and calm your most sensitive areas. This classic kit is meant to be used alone or with a partner – the important thing is to use it (so you don’t lose it).


I cannot say enough about how much this massage tool has brought life back to my lady parts and brought me never before known joy. After just a couple of weeks my pelvic floor is absolutely tangibly stronger and all of me is very very much happier.