About Us
We believe sexual health is about more than pleasure – and that it doesn’t come with an expiration date.
Our Story

I founded Tabu after an awkward and enlightening conversation with my mom about sex. “Use it or lose it,” she said, as she opened up about the intimacy challenges we women face as our hormones change over time. Tabu was born to help women remedy the common symptoms that get in the way of a healthy, vibrant sex life. We started with women over 45 (women like my mom). Then I became a mom.

For many of us, childbirth is a catalyst for sexual health symptoms that – if left unchecked – can last the rest of our lives. For others, menopause, medications, or cancer change things.

The good news? The right tools (not toys) can help. I started Tabu to make sexual wellness as much a part of our wellness routines as our nutrition, movement, or skincare. Shining a light on how sex isn’t just a means to pleasure, but an essential part of long-term well-being.

Medical Experts & Advisors

Made in partnership with clinicians, therapists, and women who are doing extraordinary things.

The right tools
(not toys)
Think of them like reading glasses. Inevitable and necessary.
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