About Us
We believe sexual health is about more than pleasure – and that it doesn’t come with an expiration date.
Our Story

Months before my 30th birthday, I was surprised to find myself talking to my mom about sex for the first time. “Use it or lose it,” she said, as she opened up about the physical and emotional challenges of sex and menopause.

From the lack of adequate solutions, to the taboo notion that women – like men – may want to preserve this part of our lives as we age, I quickly realized that something had to change.

Embrace It All

We are working toward a future where our sexual health as women isn’t defined by where we are in our reproductive years, but by our unique journeys, meaningful connections, individual experiences, and above all, our quality of life. We invite you to join our movement and prioritize your well-being - now and always. 

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Made in partnership with clinicians, therapists, and women who are doing extraordinary things.

The right tools, made for you.

A complete kit with everything you need to start and maintain your sexual wellness routine.

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