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Mid Year Wellness | 30 Day Challenge
Are you ready for 30 days of self-care?
Wed, Jun 01, 22
January Office Hours | What we learned from Dr. Barb
Recap from our January Office Hours with OB/GYN and Menopause Care Specialist Dr. Barb DePree
Tue, Feb 01, 22
Sex and Your Pee
Dr. Heidi Gastler gives us her pee-ing pet peeves and solutions to support your bladder and urinary health. 
Wed, Jan 26, 22
Meet Dr. Barb DePree

Tabu’s greatest strength? Our brilliant medical advisors. It’s about time our community got to know Tabu advisor Dr. Barb DePree - a pioneer in the field of midlife women’s health. 

Wed, Jan 12, 22
December Office Hours | What we learned
Recap from our December Office Hours with pelvic floor physical therapist Julie Bottarini
Thu, Jan 06, 22
November Office Hours | What we learned
Why kegels are easy to get wrong, how to think about a dry spell, why you might want to bring your partner to the doctor, and when non-surgical options might work for prolapse - here's (some of) what we learned from Dr. Heidi Gastler.
Fri, Dec 10, 21
Member Story | “A sexual revolution at 60 something. That’s pretty incredible.”

What if you turned 60 and realized that sex had never been a big part of your life? Would you let it go? Anna was ready to do just that. 

Tue, Dec 07, 21
Meet Julie Bottarini, PFPT
A physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy for over 15 years, Julie’s personal mission with her practice and therapy is to encourage people to make the health of their bodies a priority, physically and mentally.
Wed, Dec 01, 21
Tabu's Office Hours
What it is, how it works, and why we can't wait for you to join
Tue, Nov 09, 21
The history of menopause
Menopause has been so ignored as a historical and scientific subject, and the excuse for that ignorance is that women only recently started living past the point of childbearing age. But, that's not entirely accurate.
Mon, Oct 18, 21
What we wish our partners knew about menopause

By an anonymous woman who never thought menopause would happen to her. 

Fri, Oct 15, 21
Tabu How To: Talk to your partner about sexual wellness

You would think that our romantic partner would be the one person we’d be most comfortable talking to about our sexual wellness. Turns out 55% of women make a choice not to talk with their partners about sex - even though they want to. 

Fri, Oct 01, 21
Who are Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists?
The unsung heroes of sexual wellness
Fri, Sep 24, 21
Let's have the talk

If you are going through menopause, have found Tabu, and want to talk to your friends about it - we wrote this letter for you. Send it to any one of your friends who you think might really need this conversation. 

Wed, Sep 15, 21
Wellness is an everyday commitment

The benefits of a personal care routine spanning skin care, health care, sexual wellness, and more. 

Thu, Sep 09, 21
A letter for mama | Your sexual health matters. With love, your daughter.
This Mother's Day, our founder drafted a little letter for all the daughters looking out for their mamas out there.
Fri, Apr 16, 21
Video | A conversation with Carlin Ross
The libido myth, heat and rainbow orgasms, and finding joy during menopause – the one and only Carlin Ross talks to us about the importance of sexual wellness as we age.
Wed, Feb 10, 21
Menopause Myths | Out with the old, in with the new (and true)
There's no escaping the reality that sexual health is intertwined with our general health and wellbeing. As we come to terms with the need to embrace a sexual wellness routine, we could all brush up on a few common myths around sex and menopause.
Wed, Dec 16, 20
A guide to gifting sexual wellness
Thinking about how to gift Tabu? Our founder shares her story along with some tips on how to gift sexual wellness this season.
Thu, Dec 03, 20
Sex & Menopause | The birds and the bees talk you never had
Did your mom, aunt, or grandma ever prepare you for menopause? Most of us aren't that lucky. We sat down with Dr. DePree along with a number of other experts to get our questions around sex and menopause answered.
Tue, Oct 27, 20
Q&A with Heather Fraebel | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
What does physical therapy have to do with menopause? We sat down with Heather Fraebel (virtually of course) to find out. With a specialization and passion for pelvic floor health, Heather helps women use their own bodies to overcome everything from vaginal atrophy to urinary incontinence.
Mon, Oct 26, 20
Menopause 101 | Your menopause questions, answered.

Overwhelmed by all things menopause? We created this simple FAQ to help. In this post we break down the basics, options for relief, and some of the most commonly Googled questions surrounding The Change. Questions and answers reviewed by Dr. Brittany Klooster, OB-GYN.

Sun, Oct 25, 20