How the right pillow can change everything in the bedroom

Prim - a pillow for partners by Tabu

A pillow? For sex? Let us explain...

Wedge pillows are recommended by pelvic floor physical therapists, sex educators, and GYNs alike to alleviate lower back and hip pain during partnered sex, as well as increase satisfaction by raising the pelvis. 

But, these pillows are usually clunky, firm, and often hidden in the back of a closet. 

Our Prim pillow leverages a patent-pending design to not only make the pillow more comfortable, but also to look like a throw pillow that belongs on your bed. 

“This is the pillow that needed to happen. As a physician, I believe Tabu is at the forefront of understanding what women want and need. They incorporate sexual wellness into everyday life. I truly am impressed with what the team has created.”

Dr. Kelly Casperson, Urologist, Sex Educator, and Author of '
You Are Not Broken'

Let’s talk positions…

The Prim can be used in many positions to make partnered sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Missionary
Angle allows for controlled penetration, as well as easier access to the clitoris

2. On top
By lifting his pelvis, you get more control up there with less pressure on your knees and hips

3. Lying from behind
Angle allows for controlled penetration and takes the pressure off your wrists and hands

4. Spooning
A little extra support between your knees can help accommodate different hip widths between you and your partner


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