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The Pearl

A petite vulva stimulator with four customizable speeds, this little treasure is designed to promote tissue health and orgasm.



The Nuri Wand

Modeled after a dilator, this massager heats up to 97 degrees to stimulate blood flow and help maintain vaginal length, width, and tone.



Aureum Lubricant

Soft and smooth, this water-based personal lubricant is made from organic aloe and hyaluronic acid to sooth and calm your most intimate areas.

from $37


The Prim Pillow

Made with combination memory foam and a custom, washable linen, this pillow is designed to make partnered sex more comfortable and satisfying



sexual health matters.

You've likely obsessed over your skincare, diet, and exercise regimen for years. But there's one critical wellness routine that's often overlooked.

Recommended by doctors and therapists alike, regular sexual activity is key to a healthy lifestyle. Sex (with a partner or solo) offers profound health benefits. From reducing stress and enhancing body confidence to improving vaginal dryness, atrophy and more – its impact on both mind and body can be transformative.

At Tabu, we create intimacy essentials that map to the very symptoms that get in the way of a healthy sex life. Our goal is to help you build your sexual wellness repertoire just like you do your skincare regimen. Whether you're dealing with pain, difficulty climaxing, or opening this door for the first time in a while – our tools can help.

Here's to you and your new favorite wellness routine.

Just what
the doctor
(& Mother Nature)

In a recent survey of 330 women, 70% said they noticed an improvement to their physical and emotional wellbeing after making Tabu a weekly part of their wellness routine.  


build your repertoire

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Rising Tide

This bundle has it all - our Prim Pillow, Aureum Lubricant, and Pearl Massager to ensure everyone gets there.

$335 $295


The Golden Hour Kit

Our bestselling kit includes our Nuri heating wand and Aureum lubricant - everything you need to confidently kick off your wellness routine. 

$170 $145


Night Cap

The ideal starter pack pairs our Pearl Massager with our Aureum Lubricant - the perfect duo for your nighttime routine.

$140 $125


what they're saying

"Finally a
wellness brand that challenges the notion that female sexuality has an expiration date."

  • 5.0/5

    I had so much trouble climaxing that I didn’t even bother to try. My gynecologist said to me, “Use it or lose it,” so I decided to be proactive. I stumbled across the Tabu website – purely by accident – and started reading how important orgasms are to your health.

    So I ordered The Golden Hour Kit. And yeah – it’s a life-changer.

    Susan, 62

    New York, NY

  • 5.0/5

    The Golden Hour Kit has made a big difference for me, as well as being a part of self-care that I thought I would have to do without for the rest of my life. Having the ability to feel pleasure, connect to myself and my body, and to alleviate discomfort has been amazing. I highly recommend this for older women, women who have had gynecological issues and perhaps surgeries or procedures that have caused discomfort.

    Cheryl, 69

    Winter Park, Florida

  • 5.0/5

    Helped me build back my confidence after my hysterectomy – I feel like a new woman. The first time I used it I instantly cried tears of joy. I also feel much more confident, excited about sex, and ready to use this multiple times a week. I know it will help build back the confidence I had prior to my surgery. If I could rate this vibrator, I’d give it a 1,000/10. I’m over the moon. I can’t thank the creators enough; you hit this one out of the park! 

    Lindsay, 33

    San Diego, CA