Meet Julie Bottarini, PFPT

We couldn’t be more proud of each of our advisors, and we’re so excited to finally introduce you to Julie Bottarini, PFPT.

A bit of background

A physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy for over 15 years, Julie’s personal mission with her practice and therapy is to encourage people to make the health of their bodies a priority, physically and mentally.

After graduating from University of the Pacific with a BA in Sports Medicine, Julie received her Masters of Physical Therapy from Chapman University. Her focus in her early career was to become a well-rounded practitioner, and so she became a certified specialist in neurological rehab, lymphatic disorders, and orthopedic techniques. 

As she continued through her journey of helping patients, she was also planning her own family. Her pregnancy experience inspired her to become an expert pelvic floor practitioner, eventually expanding her focus to pre and postpartum pelvic floor physical therapy. 

“Understanding what a woman goes through during pregnancy and postpartum influenced me to learn more and become a resource for others.”
 – Julie Bottarini, PFPT

Julie today

Today, Julie is helping women in the community thrive, particularly those experiencing or anticipating peri to post menopausal changes. She also treats women, men, and children with a range of pelvic conditions including bowel, bladder, pre/postpartum pain, and sexual dysfunction. 

It’s no coincidence that her focus on pelvic floor physical therapy gives her the knowledge to speak on a wide array of sexual health concerns - the pelvic floor and sexual health are medically linked. 


 “You need a healthy pelvic floor to have a satisfying sex life. In contrast, an active sex life helps keep those muscles healthy and strong!”
–  Julie Bottarini, PFPT

Julie has a wide range of expertise, making her an incredible resource for areas of your health that you may not have even realized were related to your sexual wellness. She also specializes in lymphedema and post cancer therapy. Lymphedema is a chronic swelling disorder that commonly occurs following gynecological cancer treatment. Therapy targets painful swelling and vaginal tissue changes, both of which affect sexual health.

Julie met Natalie after a patient shared that Tabu was offering products that could help menopausal women improve their sexual health. Julie immediately asked to meet Natalie, and the rest is history. Now she is one of our beloved advisors, and we couldn’t be happier to have her expert perspective on our side. 

We have so much we’d like to ask Julie, and we can only imagine that you feel the same way! 

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